Love Poetry

New Love, New Life

  • Contest: Love Poetry
  • Author: Goethe
  • Heart, my heart, what can it mean?
    What could trouble you so?
    What a strange new life, it seems!
    You, I no longer know.
    Everything you loved is done,
    Everything that grieved you,
    All your work and peace is gone –
    How could this overtake you!

    Are you caught by lovely youth
    By that beloved form,
    By those eyes so good and true,
    By that all-powerful force?
    When I try to run away,
    Collect myself and flee,
    In a moment my path strays
    Back to her you see.
  • By that magic thread, so
    That cannot be untied,
    The dear wanton girl, oh
    She holds me fast: and I
    Must lie within her magic spell
    And live where she may go.
    How great the change, I tell!
    Love! Love! Let me go!